“The Reprobate” is finally here!

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The Reprobate is available here and on the web at Green Ivy Publications, at Barnes & Noble on line in both print and Nook book, and on Amazon.com in print and as a Kindle.

The Reprobate (subtitle “Liberal Christians have proof texts, too”) is a historical novel about a young man in the Hospital Administration Program at the University of Michigan who receives a prestigious fellowship that requires a paper to be written about nursing home administration from the perspective of the nursing home resident, a resident with whom he is to interact. Because he is a Christian, he chooses a Christian nursing home established by his particular branch of orthodox Christianity.

The person he chooses to interact with is a retired electrical engineer who is accused of being a reprobate by his fellow residents and the nursing home staff because his theological views are not thought to be in line with some of the main-stream tenants of orthodox Christianity and/or the Bible.

The young man has the tenants of his faith tested by this mysterious man who we find out is not who we think he is but a former pastor/writer/Professor of Preaching at a seminary who was the subject of a heresy trial in 1996 that, in actual fact, made the cover of the New York Times.

This book is an apologia of the theology of this man who was called out to stand trial by his ecclesiastical governing body.  I know whereof I speak because I was one of his theological advocates.

It has been said this book is a mystery, a love story, a theology lesson, a book about sports, about death, about food, but mostly it’s a book that seeks to postulate that one person can place his or her eternal bet on John 3:16 and another on John 3:17 and find they are in close enough proximity theologically to hold hands – hence the sub-title.

I promise you will wonder, you will doubt, you will salivate, you will laugh, you will cry, and my sainted grandmother would have sighed, rolled her eyes, and said, “You could have left out the naughty parts.”

To purchase “THE REPROBATE”, or “THE REPROBATE STUDY/DISCISSION GUIDE”, click a product below.


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    Its good as your other content : D, thankyou for posting . “If Christ were here now there is one thing he would not be–a christian.” by Mark Twain.

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